Thank you for working hard during COVID-19


KHM would like to say "Thank you" to the members, supporters, friends and students of Kapaa Hongwanji who work very hard during this difficult time.

Nurse of the year 2020 at Wilcox Hospital (KHM member)
KHM Member Best Nurse of 2020 @Wilcox.j
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Rev. Miura, Hospice (Kapaa resident, KHM supporter)
Rev. Miura with Mask.jpeg
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Clinical Lab (New!)
IMG-3561 (1).jpg
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Dimples dedicates a life time to the community service (New)
web1_dimples (Dimples).jpg
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Jim Jung, Kauai Museum docent (KHM member)
KHM Member Docent @ Kauai Museum
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Kapaa Fire Station
Kapaa Fire Station 2.jpg
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Kapaa Mail Lady
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Kauai Independent Food Bank (New!)
9-15-2020 Kauai Independen Food Bank (1)
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Hawaii Food Bank (New!)
2020-9-15 Hawaii Food Bank, Kauai Branc
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KH Japanese Class Graduate, Working at Big Save
KHM Japanese Class Student woking.jpg
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KH Japanese Class Graduate, working at Longs Drug
Japanese Student Kapaa Longs Drug.jpg
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Our favorite "Verde" restaurant (KHM member)
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The chef at "Verde" restaurant (KHM supporter)
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Our Favorite Starbucks Ladies in Kapaa Town
Starbucks Kapaa.jpg
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Papaya Health Food Store Ladies with smile
Kapaa Health Food Store Papaya.jpg
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Thank you, Coconut Cafe!
Kapaa Coconut Cafe.jpg
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The lady with smile at ROSS in Kapaa
Kapaa Ross.jpg
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Coconut Market Place ABC (Great Prime Rib)
Coconut Market.jpg
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Coconut Market Place Cafe (Great latte)
Coconut Market Place Cafe.jpg
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KHM friend Isobela has a tent at Sunshine Market
KHM Member Sunshine Market 1.jpg
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Great Coconut at Sunshine Market
Sunshine Market 2.jpg
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Yes! We love chocolates
Sunshine Market 3.jpg
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Famous Hanalei Food Truck at Sunshine Market 4
Famous Hanalei Taro at Sunshine Market 4
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Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning at KHM (KHM member)
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Serious cleaning every week (KHM member)
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We clean pews too (KHM member)
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Feels good without mask at home (KHM member)
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Mask Making Ladies (New!)
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HHMH Social Concern Committee made donation to Kapaa Interfaith Thanksgiving Luncheon program (New!)
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Kapaa Interfaith Thanksgiving Luncheon program receives donation from Lions Club (New!)
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KHM new member relaxes in his office (Princeville) New!
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KHM flower lady (New!)
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KHM long time member cleans our temple regularly (New)
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KHM Kitchen Boss cleans our kitchen (New)
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KHM Bon Dance instructors also help us cleaning our temple (new!)
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Always big help from Yamamoto family (Good old days without masks)
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Dedicated life to support the community (Dimples Kano)
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Big helper for many occasions in our community (member)
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We always find him as a volunteer for our community event (KHM member)
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Working hard at Princeville office. (KHM member, realtor)
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Seeking the way to help others as Buddhist (KHM member)
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